With a good understanding of business management, we take control of logistics processes into our own hands, leaving you the creative freedom to develop your business. We provide logistics and warehousing services in all Baltic countries. We have A-category automated and excise warehouses in Kaunas, Riga and Tallinn. We will transport your goods taking into account the necessary temperature regimes and make sure to optimize not only logistical but also administrative costs.

4PL service works similarly to 3PL. The only difference is that we will also purchase goods from suppliers and bring them to our warehouses under a tripartite agreement, acting as buyer and seller. In other words, we will finance the flow of goods brought in by the customer. You can choose a complex 4PL service package or several needed services. All our services are listed below.


Purchase of products

We finance the purchase of goods on the basis of a tripartite agreement (e.g. we finance the flow of goods brought by the customer)


Adding stock

We bring all products from the customer or the customer’s clients

We take care of unloading and receiving the goods

All goods are checked, weighed and sorted



We store goods in Class A warehouses

You can choose long-term or short-term storage

We ensure proper storage conditions of products from –18 °C to +20 °C


Administration of products stored in warehouses

Administration of expiration dates for all products

Inventory control and management


Order preparation

We pick orders

We prepare orders for transportation


Preparation of products for transportation

We pack orders

Inventory control and management

We include instruction manuals and other printed information in the packaging


Management of accounting documents

We inform the customer about the received orders

We create invoices in the name of the customer


Transportation of products

We ensure the right temperature for the product during transportation

We deliver orders prepared in the Baltic States to customers within 24 hours of receiving the order

We transport products 7 times a week