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We ship all of our packages by air working together with our partners FED-EX, TNT, GLS. We ship large volumes of parcels with these companies which ensures us very competitive rates which we pass on to you.

Since we ship by air and use major shipping companies, our transit times is usually between 3 to 5 business days. There could be delays due to Airlines, Customs Clarence and Public holidays in the destination country which are out of our control. Our main objective is to deliver your parcels as soon as possible.

It is very easy to prepare a shipment with our company.

  • First you get a fast online quote of your shipping costs through our website.
  • Then you fill in your shipper and receiver information online.
  • Then pay for your shipping cost with a major credit card.
  • Upon payment, you will be presented with your shipping labels.

Our main advantage is the volume of our shipments. Due to this high volume we can negotiate deep discounts with our carriers which gives us the ability to offer lower prices.

Each package leaving United states needs to pass through the Customs at the destination country. This is where they are checked by the government officials to make sure that the packages do not contain illegal substances and also assessed duties and taxes according to the value of the contents of the packages.

We clear all the packages through customs but some times the customs officers in the recipient country may require the recipient to hire their own customs broker to clear the shipment. This usually happens when the shipment contains regulated items, high value items or items that needs special clearance documents. If this is the case, the recipient will need to hire and pay for their own customs broker. When filling out the package contents on our website, please make sure that you declare all the package contents and their values. Wrong, false or missing information may result in delays and penalties.

During Customs Clearance, our shipping partners, Fed-Ex, APL etc. pays for the duties and taxes on behalf of the person receiving the package. When they deliver the package, they will collect these fees from the receiver. If the value of the package is high and requires a substantial amount of duties and taxes, our partners may contact the receiver to secure the payment of the duties and taxes. Please make sure that, when sending a package, the receiver is aware of the payment of the duties and taxes and they are willing to pay it. If they need to know how much the duties will be, they can contact their Customs Offices in their country and find out. In a situation where the receiver refuses to pay the duties and the taxes, you will be responsible to pay them.

We take the utmost care of your packages during shipping, but it is possible that they might be damaged during shipping. It is very important to use sturdy packing materials like double walled cardboard boxes and protective fillers to insure the safety of the package contents. In case of a damage, you can file a damage claim by calling our customer service

Dimensional Weight is a standard formula used in the air-freight industry and considers package density when calculating shipping charges. The calculation for dimensional weight considers the amount of space a package will take up on an aircraft in relation to the actual weight of the package. When calculating the airfreight costs, if the dimensional weight is more than the actual weight, the cost is based on the dimensional weight. Here’s how to calculate dimensional weight of a package which is 10″ Wide, 12″ High and 20″ Long.

Multiply the Length x Width x Height            10 x 12 x 20 = 2400
Divide this result (the “cubic size”) by 139     2400/139 = 17.26
The result is the dimensional weight (in pounds)

We thrive to give our customers the best service for delivery of their packages. In case of damage to your packages during shipping we will reimburse you up to $300.00 per shipment up on inspection of the packages and approval of your damage claim.

With an annual revenue of 1.34 Billion Euros, 14,500 Employees, it is one of the biggest parcel delivery companies in Europe.
When you ship with GLS, your packages will be shipped by FEDEX ground service to our distribution hub in Clearwater, FL and then they will be transferred to GLS for European distribution. You will be able to track your packages through our website. Due to possible delays with airlines and customs, GLS shipments are not time definite. Maximum insurance for GLS shipments is $300.00

Aircargo is our shipments done by Cargo Airlines.
When you ship with Air Cargo, your packages will be shipped by FEDEX or by local trucking companies to one of our distribution centers in Florida or California and then they will be shipped by Air Cargo to their final destination country. Shipments will clear the customs by our brokers and will be delivered to the consignee. The recipient of the shipment will pay for all of the destination charges including Customs Clearance fees, duties, taxes and local delivery fees. The recipient has the option to clear the shipment from the customs by himself and pick up the shipment from the airport. Due to possible delays with the cargo airlines and customs, Air Cargo shipments are not time definite. There could be additional beyond origin pick up fees depending on where the shipments are being picked up within USA. For pick ups from residential areas, there will be a $35.00 residential pick up fee. Maximum insurance is $300.00